Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Easter Bunny

I miss the days where I was 10 and I would wake up on Easter morning to look for a big Easter basket full of goodies and later an Easter egg hunt.  Now that all of my sisters and I have grown up, we settle for a big Easter feast and our dad filling up our tank of gas before heading back to school- guess I can't really complain, can I?  I am blessed and grateful that when at school here at Coe I am only two hours away from my other home.  This allows me to go home for Easter weekend, when a lot of people from Colorado or California, for example, can't.  Because Coe is such a community, though, a lot of the Iowans will take in friends and take them to each other's Easter.  That's one reason why I love this place.

All laughs when my grandma comes into town!

My other half.

You can't go wrong with a couple Easter family Pictures.
To me, Easter weekend is like Thanksgiving or Christmas- a great time to celebrate and spend time with family.  It was a nice break before crazy finals week comes around, but it's crazy to think that in about 2 weeks I will be home again, this time for Summer.  The thought of finals, packing, and driving home are very unappealing to me.  I take that as a good thing, though.  It means I don't want to leave this wonderful place I call home.

Kohawk Love,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Together We Can Re-define Miracles"

For those who don't know, the Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropic organization that provides year-round support to pediatric patients and their families. The BIG Event is a 12-hour Dance Marathon where students assemble to celebrate the children survivors and remember the children who have passed away throughout the year. Students from Coe College, Kirkwood Community College, and Mount Mercy, plan and participate in Family Events and Mini-Dance Marathons.  There is live entertainment and a DJ to help pass the time along by local bands and speeches are given by many of the Dance Marathon families.  All the families sponsored by Dance Marathon participate in the event and many do so for the full 12 hours.
This year I got the amazing opportunity to participate in the Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon for the first time.  I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I pledged 12 hours of my time to be standing, dancing, doing zumba, and yoga for twelve hours straight.  The day started at 10 AM and didn't end until 10 PM that night.  Not only was I dancing, playing basketball, and meeting families, but I also got my face painted, ate delicious food from Panda Express and Pancheros, and met some amazing people.
Some of the Coe College girls!

The Delta's representin' at CRDM!

A spur of the moment decision of mine was also to cut and donate 8 inches of my hair on stage in front of all the dancers and families.  I had no idea I was going to do this when I arrived at the Kirkwood Recreational Center that day to participate in CRDM, but when I had the opportunity to the decision to donate my hair was easy.  I donated my hair when in my spring semester as a high school sophomore, and it's only appropriate to also do it the spring semester of my sophomore year in college.  I have developed the attitude that hair simply grows back.  I couldn't be happier with my new, short, healthy, hairdo and knowing that some kid out there who maybe doesn't have hair will get mine is the best feeling in the world.

Before donating our hair
After donating our hair!
The goal was together to raise $30,000 for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital & Children's Miracle Network. For the last two years, we have raised over $25,000 each year, and this year we actually raised $26, 064.04!  An amount every participant and family recipient can be proud of.
My final hairdo!
I can't wait to participate in this wonderful event all over again next year.

Kohawk Love,

Friday, April 11, 2014

Flunk Day

The day finally arrived.  The greatly anticipated day where everyone wakes up to people running through the hallways, doors are knocked on and opened, and an email is sent stating that classes have been cancelled for the day.  The one and only- FLUNK DAY!  This day is one that is looked forward to right after getting back from Spring Break.  On a random day everyone gets an email and classes are cancelled- nobody knows about it other than our President and Student Body President.  If you have a test that day, you don't have to take it.  A presentation? Don't have to give it.  It is a free day rewarding all of the students for their hard work throughout the year.  Starting around 11 they have a grill out in the quad outside of the pub and they provide us with glasses, Flunk Day cups, great food, and games.  Everyone dresses crazy and a lot of times shirts are made specifically for this day.  If you are of age, Coe provides alcohol on the pub patio along with either a DJ or a band.  It was BEAUTIFUL out so everyone was just enjoying the weather, being with friends, and a great day of classes cancelled.  Plus, it was a Thursday- what a awesome way to lead into the weekend.  I took somepretty good pictures, take a look for yourself.

Kohawk love,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring 500

This past Sunday was beautiful- probably one of the nicest days of Spring, yet.  Still, about 100 Coe College students gathered to do some spring cleaning Sunday afternoon -- not their dorms but other places.

It was a part of our Spring 500 service project. We all worked alongside people in the Mound View neighborhood -- just east of Coe. With garbage and recycling bags in hand, we took to the neighborhood streets. Coe student and organizer of the event, Amanda Kohn, said it best, "It lowers crime rates, it makes the place look better. It makes you feel like somewhere you're proud to be and to live, to interact with each other."

Coe students are proud of their campus and the community that we all live in.  I was more than happy to partake in this event, and to help make the community clean.  The beautiful day gave me more of an incentive to get out there, walk around and enjoy the beautiful day- the only catch was picking up the occasional garbage and recycling I saw on the way.  Volunteering is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and feel good about yourself!  If you give to your community, it'll give back to you.

Great turn out of Deltas attending the Spring 500!

Kohawk Love,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Admitted Student Weekend Success

It's crazy to think that two years ago I was a prospective student in the middle of my college search.  I was between all big schools and I decided to visit Coe, just because my dad had went here.  I came once for a private visit, another time for scholarship weekend, and then a third time to admitted student weekend.  After that weekend, the deal was sealed and I sent in my deposit to officially become a Kohawk.

My fellow CVD Event Coordinator, Jaime!
Now here I am, behind the scenes, helping all of the admissions counselors and admissions staff run the show.  I'm on the opposite side of the experience and this time it's not as a prospective student, but rather a Sophomore in college in the position as a Campus Visit Day Event Coordinator.  Admitted Student weekend was the craziest time for anybody in admissions, and I couldn't of been more happy to help.  We had record numbers of prospective students on campus- over 200 students stayed the night!  While admissions counselors worked on getting their kids signed up to come, I was trying to match them with a current Coe student to host them.  This task is more difficult than it sounds- especially when we had so many prospective students who attended Admitted Student Weekend. I was determined to give all of the "prospies" the best experience possible, considering Admitted Student Weekend is the reason why I am here today.

In the end, I know everyone had a good time.  There was a "Glow Run" in Clarke Racquet Center with a DJ, glow sticks, and several activities to do.  People were playing bags, volleyball, basketball, and just finding all sorts of fun things to do.  The food they provided for supper was AMAZING, and Coe even got all classy by getting a "C", "O", and an "E" carved out of ice.

I had a great time working this weekend and meeting new potential Kohawks for the class of 2018.  Wow, isn't that crazy?  Class of 2018.  It truly puts things into perspective for me and makes me realize how fast my time spent at Coe is going; before I know it, I'm going to be a college junior.

Kohawk Love,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Formal Experience

Every day I am reassured as to why joining a sorority was a great choice.  I am so proud to call myself a Tri-Delta and this past weekend gave me another reason as to why.  This weekend was my first ever real sorority formal experience.  The Delta wing was crazy with girls getting ready, finding last minute dresses, and looking for those perfect shoes and earrings to match.  Personally, I love getting dressed up.  Wearing heels is always a struggle and makes me about six feet tall, but I still push through and actually managed to wear them the whole night.  Props to me, right?

We rented out the convention center "A Touch of Class" and had a buffet style meal.  Literally the best food I have had the opportunity to eat in a long time.  Nothing against the caf or anything, but it was definitely a nice change.  I took one of my best girl friends as my date and we had a fun time talking, dancing with everyone, and taking plenty of pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so why don't you take a look for yourself?

Sarah, Hannah, and me right before leaving for Formal!

Cait in her beautiful dress!
My beautiful best friend and formal date!

My Delta "mini" Cassi and me!
 Kohawk Love,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What do you do for fun?

"What do you do for fun?"  I hear that question all too often when there are prospective students and curious parents on campus.  They know that there is always comedians, performers, and activities to do on campus, but what about off campus? 

Coming from a town much smaller than Cedar Rapids, I find it easy to stay entertained.  Personally, I find Cedar Rapids HUGE, and often times this leads to my fellow classmates from Chicago and Colorado to laugh in my face.  Yet, this puts me at an advantage.  I love walking from Coe to downtown and admiring the little shops and stores you pass by.  Czech Village also provides this atmosphere, and WOW do they have some good food.  Then there's NewBo Market, which I have YET to go to.  Now that the weather is getting nicer and the sun is finally shining- I'm definitely going to make that a priority to go see.  I can't wait for the Cedar Rapids Kernels games to start up again.  Who doesn't like a good baseball game?

This past weekend I was also able to go to the Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, and Randy Houser concert that was at the U.S. Cellular Center right down the road from Coe.  I absolutely LOVE country music and Cedar Rapids always finds a way to get some of the best country stars here.  Justin Moore is the newly-crowned Academy of Country Music's new artist of the year.

My roommate and me all ready and excited for the Justin Moore concert! See my touch of plaid?

So yes, I may be from a small town in Iowa (there are smaller, trust me), but I tend to keep myself busy off campus, as well as on campus.  It's not hard to find something to do, and I can't wait to explore even more!

Kohawk Love,